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maybe you don't need any additional entertainment, but you need support to make your event run the way it should. i'm just as comfortable behind the scenes as i am on stage, and have the right blend of knowledge keep your main act comfortable, all while making them look and sound the best for your audience.


looking for some additional sonic reinforcement for your band, keynote presentation, corporate conference, or even another dj? let us lighten the load.

DJ Mixer


if you have the gear, but need the hands, we can still provide help. technical assistance, or all the heavy lifting. you decide. wedge mixing, IEMs, FOH, even consulting & design for your existing system, mobile or permanent.


in this industry, you don't survive long without picking up a few skills in addition to audio responsibilities. sometimes you show up to an event as just the sound guy, and leave as a swiss army knife. we're all part of the same team at your event.

as a result, it's not uncommon for me to wear other hats in the event world, including lighting control and design, A/V support, media conversion, stage design, etc. long story short, if you find yourself looking for a solution to a problem you forgot you had, just ask. if i don't have the answer, i'll find you someone who will.



  • BB&T Stadium, Winston

  • Blind Pig, High Point

  • Claddagh, High Point

  • Breathe, Kernersville

  • Grey's Tavern, Greensboro

  • Whiskey Sowers, Mebane

  • Burke St Pub, Winston

  • Empourium, Kernersville

  • Big Al's, Mooresville

  • Tailgators, Greensboro

  • Buddy's Bar & Saloon, Pleasant Garden

  • Blue Bourbon Jack's, High Point

  • Corner Pub, Greensboro

  • The Deck, Jamestown

  • King Central Park Amphitheater, King


  • Ashley Furniture

  • Ham's Restaurants

  • Winston Dash

  • Markor

  • NY Jets

  • Baltimore Ravens

  • Tesla

  • Porsche USA

  • Manhattan Motor Cars

  • Stony Brook Medicine

  • Black Boots

  • Studio 27

  • AGES Events

  • Larkfield Music Group

  • So many more

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