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i wanted to reject djing at first. a proud 'musician,' this quirky art was something of an abomination - until i realized i could fuse my technological brain with the overwhelming addiction to connect with people via music. hundreds of thousands of mixes later, my passion still spins at 45rpm.

DJ Mixer


bread, meet butter.

we don't follow the cliche here. instead, we follow your crowd. your vibe. your selections. custom mixed on the spot and to the beat of the moment. harmoniously executed with your planner, venue, caterer, vendors. weddings are booked one event at a time to ensure my total focus. i've been at this since the beginning, and at it not hundreds, but thousands of times.

Flashing Lights During Concert


multitasking in all its glory

you're great at what you do. now that you're celebrating it, let's get on the same wavelength. from straight djing, all the way up to event consultation, planning, and execution, i am no stranger to the corporate world and its unique requirements. together we can tackle your event needs from head to toe, including a/v support, lighting and stage design, and of course, professionalism rivaled only by yours.

DJ In front of Crowd


as unique as you are

while wedding and corporate experience run deep in my resume, i am simply not limited to them. galas, public outings, sweet 16s, bar/bat mitzvahs, sporting events, and beyond - i have been there, and i'd love to be there again with you.

i keep it in the family, but my family runs deep. there's lots of things we can accomplish together that are not advertised here. if you think i might do it, ask. if i can't, i'll help you find it.

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